Online Journalism is journalism for the new millenium. It’s journalism on steroids. If the idea is to bring you the news quickly and accurately (and it is), online journalism does exactly what it is intended to do. That’s why it’s no surprise that instant-news reporting is soaring to the heights it is, when you look at where the world has come from, versus where we are, in relation to the pace at which we get things done. I can’t imagine 18th century newspaper gurus envisioning the industry the way it is shaping up today.

It’s the same old argument, fast cars, fast food, fast results, etc. It’s all about immediate gratification, now. We are starving for immediate results in our lives, given this fact, it was inevitable that news and information sharing would follow this path.

When you look at it, you could say that news organizations are responsible. After all, it was the industries determination to bring the world the News, fast and first, that helped fuel the readers need for instant information. So, in some way we can blame ourselves (journalist) for feeding the very monster that’s revolutionizing the industry.