Romantic Pursuits

I created a new brand on Facebook and linked it to a new Twitter page called Romantic Pursuits. It also has a corresponding blog that keeps followers abreast of whats being posted on Facebook and Twitter if they don’t have time to log on but want to see the latest postings. The idea behind Romantic Pursuits is to give followers information about events, destinations, humor, advice, stories, and more, of a romantic nature. The site is purely an entertainment piece and does not promote any of the events that post to its pages.

It only offers recommendations about interesting and romantic things to do that might appeal to someone looking to make a good impression on their significant other, or someone they’re hoping will become their significant other. So far the Facebook page has garnered a more than 20 fans and the Twitter page has about five followers.

The Romantic Pursuits blog has had a few hits but very few comments. I encourage new fans, and followers to visit the sites and comment on any of the postings. I also encourage visitors to let us know about their experiences at any of the events they attend. I promote the pages, by sending out regular email updates to people on my email contact lists, by sending messages to friends on Facebook, and by following what others are talking about when searching such keywords as, romance, love, dating, etc, on Twitter and sending tweets urging them to check out the pages.