After almost two years of looking for a job, and drawing unemployment, the state of Michigan had a brilliant idea, send her to school, pay $5000, and teach her how to do what she was already so proficient at doing.

When Joan Wilson got laid off from a manufacturing job as shipping and receiving manager, one she held for 13-years, she was devastated at the possibility of not having a job.

She would take on odd jobs, to make money while she was laid off.

So let me get this straight, you’ll give me $15, every time I let the dog out.

And I don’t have to walk him.

Now let me see if I understand you, you’ll pay me $150, every time I clean your house.

And I don’t have to do the windows.

All wasn’t lost; however, she was about to return to her job, she got called back.

Then five days before her scheduled return she got another call, don’t come back, things took a turn for the worse.

Oh, well, she still had unemployment to lean on.

She actually leaned on it for 19 months.

By then her savings had been depleted, mostly from paying for medical insurance.

She actually thought about taking in a boarder, something she had never even considered before.

She did manage to find some work, cleaning, bathing, dressing and keeping house for those who couldn’t do it themselves. A feat she promises not to repeat ever, in a million years.

Mom helped too, offering food stamps, all that she didn’t use herself.

When you’re strapped for cash you do just about anything to earn money. Garage sales are a handy tool, when you have plenty of junk and very little cash. Your junk becomes someone else’s junk and their cash becomes your cash.