Live Ladies of Literature
Adra Young & Tracie Christian at a recent Coffee Arts & Entertainment Forum. Photo courtesy of Live Ladies of Literature

The Live Ladies of Literature consist of Adra Young and Tracie Christian, a friendship that goes back almost 20 years. “We went to college together, but it took us to graduate from college, start our own lives and write books independently, before we knew that the other had a love for writing,” says Christian.

After attending the 2008 Homecoming for Central State University the pair came up with the idea for the Live Ladies of Literature as a way to promote one another. At the time both Young and Christian had each published their first novels.

By July 2009 everything had kicked into high gear and the Ladies were off and running. They started out by going to places you would not expect an author to go to promote their books. The Ladies would pay regular visits to comedy clubs and music festivals, any place where they could promote their work.

“Even though we were selling our books together we hadn’t read each other’s work, we took it for granted,” say’s Christian. “When we finally sat down and read each other’s book we were awed; I knew she(Young) was a good person but I didn’t know how talented she was. “

“We help each other because we’re a great team and we try to pull everybody else up along the way,” say’s Young. “We got tired of hearing so much negative stuff about Detroit. And we knew there was a lot of good going on, but at the same time, we saw other artist who did not know how to get the basic things done. So we decided that we also wanted to be advocates for other artist.”

Young admits that when she started out it was difficult to get other established artist to share even the basic information. She remembers asking one particular author who was already established and well known for help, and recalls how that person blew her off and refused to offer any advice.

Christian also agrees that it was hard to connect with other poets when she began. Because most venues that catered to poets were short lived; when they closed down there was no way to connect with other poets once there were no venues available to perform at.

So they took what was originally designed to be a book tour and let it morph into the Live Ladies of Literature; a forum where artist of all kinds can come together, and talk about their work and that of other artist in Metro Detroit.

The ladies recall that in the beginning they lost a little face and a little money but learned some valuable lessons in the process.

The Live Ladies are constantly refining their craft. After each engagement they have what they call debriefings, where they come together, just the two of them, and talk about everything that happened. They go over what went well and what didn’t, and make adjustments for the next event with a focus on making each one better than the last.

One of the things to come out of this collaboration was the creation of their Monologue Show, which airs on Seven Mile Radio,

On July 10 & 11 the Live Ladies of Literature will celebrate their 1 year anniversary. That weekend they are planning a, “Ladies Pamper Weekend.” On July 10, at the Signature Grill, they plan to redo their Female Monologue Show, “From the Outside Looking In.”

Future plans call for expanding the Monologue show. This July and August they will be conducting casting calls in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Annapolis, MD.

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